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Updated Sep 11, 2021 | 09:05 IST
George W Bush
Then US president George W Bush being told about the crashing of the first plane into a tower of the World Trade Center  |  Photo Credit: AP

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  • Four commercial planes were hijacked on September 11, 2001 by al Qaeda terrorists in the United States
  • Two of these planes crashed into one tower each of the World Trade Center in New York
  • The third plane smashed into the west facade of the Pentagon just outside Washington while the fourth one crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania
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Al Qaeda was nearly decimated by the US war against terror and its chief, Osama bin Laden, was eliminated in a US raid in Pakistan's Abbottabad in early May 2011.,siti biz home

The Taliban, which were removed from Afghanistan, however, are now back in power following the decision of the Joe Biden administration to end America's longest war and withdraw troops from the Central Asian country.,sportium login

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“I made some big decisions. Starting with the big thought of America being at war. And those decisions were not made out of anger, they were made with a goal in mind, which was to protect the American people. I think I was right,” Bush said.,free private online poker

fruit slots machine,“You know, there weren’t any other attacks on America. We’ll let the historians sort all that out. Let’s just say this - I’m comfortable with the decisions I made,” he added, responding to a question whether the administration's decisions post 9/11 attacks made the world a safer place.

Bush said during the documentary that the first plane was an accident, the second one was an attack and the third one was the declaration of war, in relation to the hijacked commercial aircraft slamming into the two World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.,deals rummy

free casino slot,Image courtesy: Associated Press

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“At first I thought it was pilot error. I couldn’t imagine anything other than a lousy pilot getting loose,” Bush said, recalling his initial thoughts on the day of the attack.,betway cricket roulette

my cricket id,Bush was at an event at the Emma E Booker Elementary in Sarasota, Florida, interacting with children when he received the news of the first plane crashing into a WTC tower.

The news was broken to (the then) US President Bush by the then White House Chief of Staff Andy Card.,free football games online

"Andy Card comes up behind me and says, 'Second plane has hit the second tower. America is under attack.' And I'm watching a child read. And then I see the press in the back of the room beginning to get the same message that I just got," Bush recalled.,bbl 2015 16

"And I could see that horror… on the face of the news people who had just gotten the same news. During a crisis, it's really important to set a tone and not to panic. And so I waited for the appropriate moment to leave the classroom. I didn't want to do anything dramatic. I didn't want to lurch out of the chair and scare the classroom full of children, and so I waited," the Republican leader said, explaining his actions in the aftermath of the attacks.,betway cricket roulette

"His mouth was kind of drawn and tight, and there was almost for a brief moment a kind of startled look in his eyes and also a weightiness to him, if you will," Keil said. "I could tell he was really focused on trying to get through that event," said Bloomberg reporter Richard Keil on the documentary. Keil was present in the classroom when Bush received the news of the first plane crashing into the WTC tower.,free slots no deposit keep winnings

Image courtesy: Associated Press,betway88

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gambling app,A situation room was set up at the school itself for initial coordination before, and Bush and others boarded Air Force One for Washington. However, there were anxious moments on board and the President was separated from the rest of those on the plane barring a few Secret Service agents and a handful of aides when they received intelligence that the plane was the next “target”.

“There was a call into a switchboard that said ‘Angel’s next’. And Angel was the codeword for Air Force Once,” Bush said.,betway cricket roulette

blackjack explained,All the people on the plane subsequently had to give up their weapons to ensure there was no chance of conducting “an inside job and take down Air Force One”.

The Air Force One did manage to reach Washington, DC safely later that evening with Bush addressing the nation from the Oval Office at 8:30 pm.,eufa champions league results

my cricket id,Denouncing the attacks as "evil, despicable acts of terror", Bush said the US will "make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbour them".

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